Hello, my name Is leukblog

I am a Developer

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I write articles, product descriptions, texts for advertising and


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I'll draw cute illustrations for your project. My favorite techniques are graphics and watercolor.

Website Development

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Examples of works are available in the portfolio. I will make a modern responding site.


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Design of sites, booklets, mailings, any printed production, and banners.


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Brand name, trademark, information basis, strategy for promoting a future brand.


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We will help you to implement your ideas graphically. Check examples in our portfolio.

My Project


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Common UX Mistakes

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We collected several notes from our UX designers to form this how-to guide.


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Getting Feedback

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Give your users more time before asking them to leave feedback.



A work ethic is highly important if you prefer working in a collective.

Fasters Sites

Optimize your website

Ten reasons to use a lightweight version of your site.

Office Space

Avoid cubicles

Organize your office space to be more productive.


Our company story

1 january 2025

Current Time

Nowadays, we offer to companies a range of services to connect with their consumers. We help them create a branding and promote it. If you want to increase your sales, contact us now.

2 february 2024

Special projects

More and more companies demanded the implementation of various projects, we expanded our staff to concentrate on this. The Top building is our new place for the studio.

3 march 2023


The web became more relevant, and many customers wanted to have their own sites with a unique design. We could not ignore this trend, as it was close to us in spirit.

4 april 2022

Our studio was established

Initially, the agency was engaged in typography and cooperation with paper magazines, but later we expanded the scope of our work. Our customers were The Top Top Magazine and Perfect Eye Review.


Adrian Carey


I'll write funny selling texts for your project.

Susan Crossman


I will draw cute illustrations in watercolor for your articles and sites.

Stephen Jenkin


I will help to fix any problems with your site.

Jessica Jenkins

HR Manager

She finds our freelancers if we need them for a project.


You don't have to create a special mobile version of your site, it will adapt automagically.

- Susan Crossman


Drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

- Adrian Carey


The project was done in time! Thank you! 

- Jennifer Bawerman


Choose from the large selection of latest pre-made blocks!

- Stephen Jenkin


How to Find me

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